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Chapter 33 - Psychic Powers and Physics

December 2, 1948

Wally woke at dawn feeling like he was smothering. A rotten smell in the room, like a three-day dead animal, churned his stomach into mouth-watering nausea. Then he saw it. It was hunkered down in the corner of the bedroom. Wally had a death grip on the shotgun’s muzzle, but he couldn’t move. The hunched beast stood up slowly and walked over to the window and raised it. He squatted on the sill for a few seconds, looked at Wally, and then jumped. A second floor window and it jumped out like it was nothing! Wally watched it bound across the yard into the woods again. The smell of decay lingered in the bedroom as he vomited out the window.

Grady and Wally Watson stepped through the front door at Ma Patsy’s. Two female patients were sitting in the waiting room. They took their hats off, nodded, and sat down with the women to wait for Solomon or Patsy to come out of the exam room. When Solomon finally appeared in the doorway, Grady stood up and said to him, “I need to talk at you and her in private.” He cut his eyes towards Ma Patsy who had walked up behind Solomon.

“Sure,” Solomon said motioning for them to follow him into the kitchen.

Grady paced the kitchen floor. “I’m askin’ fer yer hep up at my place.” He turned and spit tobacco in the garbage can as he said, “Butcher knives jump outta drawers and fly thu thin air. Sometimes they stob up in the wall, and sometimes they jest drop on the floor. Preacher Moss says hits a demon. He’s done tried to cast it out, but hit won’t leave.”

Grady looked towards the waiting room, and then he lowered his voice as he said, “I know ya’ll kin talk at dead people. I jest thought ye might be able to figger out what’s goin’ on.” Grady wrung his hands, “I mean my boy, Wally, he woke up this mornin’ with that thang in the room with him and his little brothers. I don’t know how hit got in the house. The doors and winders wuz bolted.”

Wally nodded in enthusiastic confirmation.

Solomon and Ma listened silently.

Grady sighed, “I kin tell ye don’t believe me.” He turned his back to them and dropped his head.

Ma put her hand on his shoulder and said, “It’s not that we don’t believe ye, Grady. We jest think that things aren’t always what they seem to be.”

“Well, kin y’all come out to my place and see what ye thank?” Grady asked.

Solomon said, “Ma doesn’t need to be hiking up to your place. I’ll ask Jerry Banks to come with me. You need to go on back home for the time being. We’ll come out there Saturday morning.”

Grady grabbed Wally’s arm and backed out the door. “God bless ye. I knowed I could count on ye.”

All the patients had cleared out by noon. Solomon smiled when he saw Becky climbing the front porch steps. She held onto the railing to help pull herself up. He’d put her on complete bed rest less than two weeks ago, and here she was visiting. He wagged his finger at her as a gentle reprimand for being out of bed. Her awkwardness made him want to take care of her.

“Morning, Becky,” Ma said, “how ye feeling, hon?”

“Feeling fine, Ma Patsy,” she answered.

Ma hugged Jerry and said, “And here’s the miracle. How ye be, son?”

“Still feeling like a miracle,” Jerry said.

Solomon raised his eyebrows at Becky, “I wouldn’t call this bed rest,” he scolded.

“I have been in bed,” she said. “I was going crazy. I’ll just be up a few hours. Please don’t fuss.”
Solomon smiled and shook his head in exasperation.

“Becky,” Ma said, “come hep me compound some herb remedies.”

Solomon and Jerry needed the transfiguration chamber more for privacy than anything else. Neither of them had any problems contacting their favorite departed soul. This was just the best place to have a conference between the four of them.

Servant was the first to appear. He swept into the chamber with a puff of wind. His blond hair blew away from his face and then settled down perfectly. Solomon stood in respect when he saw Servant. He had never seen the manifestation of a soul that was pure enough to have returned to God already. He looked so real that Solomon was tempted to shake his hand, but he knew that wasn’t possible. No matter how much the apparitions looked like flesh and blood...they weren’t. They were three-dimensional images.

Servant said, “Sarah, let these young men see you.”

Sarah giggled, “Oops, I thought ye could see me already.”

Solomon and Jerry watched as she changed from invisible to transparent to a solid-looking manifestation. She shook out her red curls and said, “I’m happy to meet ye, Jerry. Servant and I have been talking about yer spiritual progress. Ye’re quite the miracle, ye know?”

Solomon grinned. Sarah’s presence always delighted him. He relayed his understanding of what was going on in Mortimer Hollow. Then he asked, “What can we do to help them?”

Servant said, “It will be difficult to help them because their belief in evil is so deep in their hearts. Because of that, I suggest that you allow them to think that you’ve simply gotten rid of the demon. They aren’t capable of receiving the truth about the afterlife yet. They may never be ready on the earth side of the veil.”

“How did this get started in the first place?” Jerry asked.

“Actually,” Servant said, “Wally Watson summoned a soul from the lower realms of the afterlife. Wally was playing with automatic writing. He was trying to develop psychic powers. Souls need their psychic powers in the afterlife, but when they try to develop them with physical senses, they slow their growth.”

“Aye,” Sarah added, “everyone has psychic powers. They’re the natural powers of the soul.”

Servant nodded and continued, “People, who use ouija boards, seances, and automatic writing to develop psychic powers, attract souls from the lower realms of the afterlife. One of those souls gives a message, and suddenly the person thinks they’re psychic. But it’s just a confused soul passing a message. Actually, psychic power is a by-product of spiritual power.”

Sarah nodded in agreement. “When a person develops spiritual powers, they get messages from the afterlife. But the messages come from spiritually advanced souls, and the messages are accurate.”

“Servant,” Solomon asked, “does the soul that Wally summoned have anything to do with the creature that people in Mortimer Hollow are seeing?”

“He has everything to do with it,” answered Servant. “The unfortunate soul that Wally summoned goes by the name of Thomas Cook. Thomas is able to speak to Wally’s mind. Then he uses Wally’s psychic energy to manipulate things in the physical world. Together Thomas and Wally created the three-dimensional image they call the Mortimer Demon, even though Wally isn’t aware of it.”

“Thomas cannot manipulate the physical world, but Wally can because he’s part of it. However, Thomas can manipulate Wally’s mind because Wally invited him into it. Wally unknowingly affects the physical world with his soul’s ability to create images. The image that they created together was from the stories that Wally had heard passed down by the families in Mortimer Hollow.”

“That’s wild,” Jerry said.

Servant turned his palms up and shrugged. “A soul is capable of creating the image from its perspective in the Light World,” he said, “and it can do this without the person’s knowing it. People who see the Mortimer Demon have a concept in their minds about how they think it looks, and then they create it with their psychic powers.”

“Humans are created in the image of God, so they’re creators too. The difference is that the image that God creates is made up of atomic particles, and it stays intact through the Will of God. When a human creates an image, it’s made up of light waves, and it disperses quickly.”

“Soon scientists will learn to create similar three-dimensional images in the laboratory. Light travels in waves in the physical world. If you set up interference patterns with the light waves, you create a three-dimensional image. It has no substance, but it looks real. If my memory of the future serves me correctly, they will call it a hologram.”

“But,” Jerry said, “Grady said that the demon throws butcher knives. If they can stab the wall, it seems to me that they could stab a person.”

“The psychokinetic activity comes from Wally,” Servant said. “Thomas Cook has Wally’s mind in turmoil, and Wally’s mind is controlling the poltergeist activity. Your mind can make things move without your knowing that you’re doing it. It has something to do with flipping positive and negative charges in an object and in the atmosphere surrounding the object. And yes, the knives could stab a person. That’s why it’s important to calm Wally’s fears. Levitation is an ability that humans will refine in the future.”

“Well, how about the chicken that the creature ran off with,” Jerry said, “and the cats and dogs that it killed...and the baby?”

“The injuries and deaths of animals were poltergeist activity from Wally,” Servant said. “Fifty years ago someone else caused the activity. The baby’s death had nothing to do with any of it. The baby died in its sleep from breathing problems. Sometimes that happens with infants. It was unrelated to the demon activity.”

Solomon asked, “How can I find this Thomas Cook? I don’t particularly want to summon him.”

Servant said, “He stays close to Wally. He’s feeding off Wally’s psychic energy. I’m sure that he’ll try to frighten you when he sees you in the area. You’ll have to keep a keen eye open for him. He won’t be easy to see. He’s a weak soul. He may not be able to show himself to you.”

Solomon and Jerry walked into the kitchen where Becky sat at the table reading. “Sorry we took so long,” Solomon said putting his hands on her shoulders.

“That’s okay,” she said, “Ma Patsy just left. A woman in labor came in.”

The trio heard Ma and the patient in the exam room. The woman cried through staccato grunts, “Oooh God! Help me! Where’s Solomon?”

Solomon opened the door to the exam room. Jewel Ramsey from Black Fort was stooped over. A white knuckled hand gripped the back of a chair. The other hand held the bottom of her distended belly as if it might drop to the floor if she let it go. Her eyes squeezed shut as her face twisted exposing her clinched teeth.

Becky thought, Oh God, I dread going through that.

Solomon squeezed Becky’s hand and grinned at Jerry. “Don’t plan on me for supper,” he said.

Copyright © 2008 by Robbin Renee Bridges
Coping with Grief through Afterlife Communication

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